Not tech: A quick Italian interlude.

Ah, a vacation. This is just because it’s possible. Ten U.S. dollars for the person who figures out within two miles of where it is.

On the perils of live demos.

Which everyone probably knows, remembering that: Your keyboard currently defaults to French when you reboot, and Your password will only work on the correct URL location is really always a good idea. Eh? Also, saying “Right?” when hitting Enter may actually be the way out of the conundrum, eh, Meg? ( (Or at least it’s…

Understanding Azure Namespaces, a bleg.

I’ve been busy recently writing sample applications that use Windows Azure Service Bus and Windows Azure web roles and Windows Azure (damn I’m tired of typing brand names now) Access Control Service namespaces. And each time I do, I create a new namespace and often I reuse namespaces for general services in what used to…

Windows Azure: P & P Enterprise Integration Pack with failure/retry **and** fine-grained autoscaling APIs (among others)

This release of the Patterns & Practices Enterprise Integration Pack is simply wonderful and is required for real-world Azure development. Read the announcement for the full list of features, but in particular I want to call out the autoscaling and transient failure/retry APIs offered. Azure applications can use these to handle a majority of the…

Free Windows Azure training with Scott Klein in San Francisco, June 13-14.

Hi all. If you’re in the Bay Area and want to get up to speed on Windows Azure — whether you want to learn how to use it or whether you want to validate your own approach! — MVP Scott Klein of Blue Syntax Software (blog) (author and co-author of many books including Pro SQL Azure) is…


Technical Note: Proxy Classes Different when using Svcutil.exe and VS Add Service Reference ( edition)

The WSDL url was used by a customer with the Svcutil.exe tool to generate a proxy class and associated message and data classes, and it worked fine. But when they tried to use the Add Service Reference… (often shortened to “ASR”) wizard in Visual Studio, they had a problem: they could not import the fault contracts….

Technical Note: Reference to excellent Windows Phone 7 crypto discussion.

Ian Miers has posted the code for doing “good” crypto for static data storage on the phone, but more importantly written about it, here. Understanding this code, the problems it poses, and the processes it implements is important to doing things with secure web services. More later.

How Do I…. Linq directly into an ItemCollection?

I have this: private void LoadSupportSolutionsSection(ItemCollection itemCollection, XElement category){    // Solution, url att, Title, Description.    var solutions = from sol in category.Elements(“Solution”)      select new TreeViewItem {        Header = sol.Element(“Title”).Value,         Tag = sol.Attribute(“url”).Value,        ToolTip = new ToolTip()         {          Content=sol.Element(“Description”).Value,           StaysOpen=true        }      };     foreach (TreeViewItem item in solutions)    {        itemCollection.Add(item);    }} A very simple…

Technical Note: Windows Phone 7: Basic Authentication over HTTPS.

A note directly related to the larger blog project started with the last post, While I have been working on a lot of phone applications, almost all of the work around the net using HTTP web requests involves Web services — REST or SOAP style — that do not require much if anything in…