Haskell as the Weapon of Math Distraction

I have shown, in this YouTube video, that spell checking equals type checking. I know it’s pretty obvious but the encoding may be wort mentioning. In fact, this is not a serious post–it’s an Xmas gift. Enjoy and Merry Xmas + Happy New Year. Ralf PS: More background on this “contribution to image processing” can…


New, more personal blog

You can meet me here, too: http://professor-fish.blogspot.com/2009/08/same-guy-as-grammarware-haskellware.html Regards, Ralf  


API migration alive and kicking strongly

I have been talking about API migration a lot lately. I have even a draft paper in limbo … so much in limbo that I don’t even link to it here. In fact, I admit that it is very difficult to get anything done scientifically and practically on this topic.   Thanks to some recent…


SYB goes Prolog

I am about to finish a short article on SYB in Prolog. Deadline seems to be in 30 hours from now. If anyone has suggestions, I’d appreciate it. Thanks, Ralf http://www.uni-koblenz.de/~laemmel/OdeToProlog/   Scrap Your Boilerplate—Prologically! Status (30 June 2009) Paper available in draft form. Code distribution not yet available online.   Author(s) Ralf Lämmel  …



retweewter V1 (C) 2009 Ralf Laemmel READMEWhat is that retweewter?retweewter is a Twitter application. It is a toy application. It’sabsolutely useless, equally redundant and nearly dysfunctional, but itis fun doing this sort of code and app, and the author will keep italive for some time (such as mins to days) until he lacks furtherinterest or…


Transformer goes Braga/Portugal: 06-11 July — GTTSE 2009

So we are looking forward 8 “long” tutorials on different parts of the transformation/generation space of software engineering. For example, Bran Selic will stand in for model-based engineering and Jim Cordy will sketch his ultimate TXL cookbook. See the full program below. In addition, we will host a “research 2.0” event with Jean-Marie Favre and…


Approaching the API migration challenge

I enjoyed delivering an invited lecture at the PhD autumn school IPA 2008. Abstract For about 4 years now I have been sporadically talking about API migration as a scientific and technical challenge as well as a potential business idea. It all started with some background in grammar engineering, formal semantics, and re-engineering which made…


Java divergence

So here is the long promised paper on the Java case study for grammar convergence. Getting all these huge Java grammars to converge was not easy. We are still learning how to do this properly. We are still working on our transformation language, but we feel the results are good enough to go public now….


Grammar Convergence — another method for Software Language Engineers

I have turned a bit too much into an org animal over the last year or so: several conference organizations, special issues in journals, way too many PC member ships (in fact, there are too many workshops that are like mini conferences). Add to this that the switch to a full(time) German Professor ruins all…



Berenike, Bernadette, and Isabelle are all doing great. I tend to put photos of my kids online when they get born, and then never again, which I admit is strange; see here and here. (There are only two links because B&B are twins.) I guess we have just so many photos of them that we…