SYB goes Prolog

I am about to finish a short article on SYB in Prolog.

Deadline seems to be in 30 hours from now.

If anyone has suggestions, I'd appreciate it.




Scrap Your Boilerplate---Prologically!

Status (30 June 2009)
Paper available in draft form.

Code distribution not yet available online.


Ralf Lämmel



``Scrap Your Boilerplate'' (SYB) is an established style of generic
functional programming. The present paper reconstructs SYB within
the Prolog language with the help of the univ operator and
higher-order logic programming techniques. We pay attention to the
particularities of Prolog. For instance, we deal with traversal of
non-ground terms. We also develop an alternative model of SYB-like
traversal based on metaprogramming. This generative, type-driven
model is also amenable to type-driven optimization.


Scrap Your Boilerplate, Haskell, Prolog, Stratego.


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