SYB goes Prolog

I am about to finish a short article on SYB in Prolog.

Deadline seems to be in 30 hours from now.

If anyone has suggestions, I’d appreciate it.




Scrap Your Boilerplate—Prologically!

Status (30 June 2009)
Paper available in draft form.

Code distribution not yet available online.


Ralf Lämmel



“Scrap Your Boilerplate” (SYB) is an established style of generic
functional programming. The present paper reconstructs SYB within
the Prolog language with the help of the univ operator and
higher-order logic programming techniques. We pay attention to the
particularities of Prolog. For instance, we deal with traversal of
non-ground terms. We also develop an alternative model of SYB-like
traversal based on metaprogramming. This generative, type-driven
model is also amenable to type-driven optimization.


Scrap Your Boilerplate, Haskell, Prolog, Stratego.


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