42 basic OO assignments

Recently, I started to re-wire some mildly used parts of my brains to accommodate capabilities for a 1st year CS course on OO programming and modeling. Long before I joined the faculty in Koblenz, the course had been designed to get students going in (OO) “programming in the small” and “basics of (OO) modeling” as…


IEEE TSE Special Issue on Software Language Engineering

CALL FOR PAPERSIEEE Transactions on Software EngineeringSpecial Issue on Software Language EngineeringMay-June Issue of 2009 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering seeks original manuscripts for a Special Issue on Software Language Engineering scheduled to appear in the May-June issue of 2009. The term ‘software language’ comprises all sorts of artificial languages that are used in software-intensive…


More on IT entropy

I look forward a panel on “Grand Challenges in Software Language Engineering”, which is going to be the closing event at ATEM 2007, which is the 4th International Workshop on (Software) Language Engineering (SLE). I have attended a number of panels over the years, and I find it very difficult to actually moderate a panel…


Joining the youngest, German university

I am ‘homeless’ right now, on the move between Microsoft Redmond to the University of Koblenz (at the Rhine and Mosel rivers, between Frankfurt and Bonn/Cologne), currently living in a hotel in Braga (Portugal) with 3 kids, my wife, 7 pieces of check-in luggage and 10 pieces of cabin luggage (still counting). The reasons for…


Program Comprehension in Banff and Amsterdam

I am extremely sad that I can’t make it to ICPC 2007 in Banff this week even though I had planned for this attendance almost an entire year in advance. The simple reason is that I am relocating to Europe this week and moving between continents is all but fun with 3 kids around. I…


Languages Everywhere — ATEM 2007

Call For Papers 4th International Workshop on  LANGUAGE ENGINEERING (ATEM 2007) “Languages Everywhere”http://planetmde.org/atem2007Affiliated with MODELS 2007, Nashville, TN, USA, Sep 20 – Oct 5 Papers to be considered for a planned special issueProblem contextIn the context of Software Engineering, (SOFTWARE) LANGUAGE ENGINEERING promotes “language descriptions” to first class citizens, just like programs, data, and models….


Another 8 transformation and generation experts to meet this summer

Here is just a quick update on the 2nd Summer School on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering (GTTSE 2007), 2 – 7 July, 2007, Braga, Portugal. See my other plug for the school that I posted a while ago. In addition to the 8 tutorials (approx. 3 hours each), we have managed to…


More than a revision on “MapReduce revisited”

In January 2006 I published a first draft of “Google’s MapReduce Programming Model — Revisited” and I blogged about this effort some time last summer : “Ana, cata, para, hylo, … – get it right!”. I have finally revised the paper; in fact, it’s nearly a full rewrite, but I am sure you can “google”…


CFC: Special issue on LANGUAGE ENGINEERING in IET Software Journal

Call for contributions Special issue on LANGUAGE ENGINEERING IET Software Journal (formerly known as IEE Proceedings Software)   Scope The importance of metamodels, schemas, grammars and ontologies (or “language descriptions”) is generally acknowledged by the software engineering community, but, as yet, the study of these artifacts lacks a common umbrella. Language engineering (in the context…


Language engineering summer school in July in Portugal

Language engineering summer school in July in Portugal   If you are a software transformation and generation addict, or want to become one, or want to talk to such folks, or challenge them, then GTTSE 2007 (the 2nd summer school on Generative and Transformational Techniques in Software Engineering) should be to your liking. The (Haskell-powered)…