Generalized vs. dynamic interfaces

In a comment on “More Haskell in Java 7 or 8?”, I get this question “How does your `Retroactive Interface Implementation’ [in JavaGI] compare with VB9’s `dynamic Interfaces?’” Very much appreciated question! At this point in time (but this might change any time) it is actually a bit difficult to draw a proper comparison, given…


More Haskell in Java 7 or 8?

So C# (3.0) has lambdas, list-processing functions, some good amount of type inference … hey, who would have thought that mainstream OO programming would get so much less dysfunctional say just 2 years ago. Now Haskell is cool for many reasons other than just plain higher-order functions. Some people are keen of laziness; others think…


Language engineering is the future

[21 August 2008: We have been discussing language engineering over the year. The article below may be a little bit outdated by now. In any case, we prefer the term “software language engineering” (SLE) these days. This decision also has to do with the fact that there is an existing field of natural language engineering,…


Table of contents for “Typed XML programmer” series

Typed XML programmer …   .. Where do you want to go tomorrow? … What are your pains today? … What’s your scale of typing? … Welcome to LINQ! To be cont’d


XML Schema for Haskell programmers

Most Haskell programmers have a PhD and they don’t mind overly concise notation, but there are times when the combination of Haskell features (monads, GADTs, SYB, forall, exists, rank-2, …) starts to hurt. Then it is time to switch to a more obvious notation that can be understood by human beings and machines equally well….


Anyone want to write a Dragon book on mappings?

I am surrounded by X/R and O/R mapping geeks here at Microsoft. (It’s building 35. So there are fewer X/O mapping geeks.) Some of my colleagues are close to a victory over the “Vietnam of Computer Science”. We have real mapping heroes around here: they actually served in the O/R war or they worked on…


The combined XSD and C# tutorial of the other kind

My first bet in this post is that XML Schema (XSD) is here to stay for a while. I don’t even think that there is much disagreement about this matter. Regardless of the fact that I am more of a Haskell aficionado than an OO follower, I also bet (in fact, I take for granted)…


Ana, cata, para, hylo, … – get it right!

Remy notices that I am “linguistically challenged”, or perhaps he meant to say that I should account for alien (use of) English/American vocabulary by injecting more smileys so as to help with distinguishing accidental from intentional fun. I wouldn’t like that as a matter of taste. Instead, I will be working on my “challenge”. Don’t expect…


Getting off the ground with this blog

My static ego (a “plain web site”) has lived for many (?) years now in Amsterdam. Since January 2005 I am with Microsoft at the XML end of things. Since my official title does not sound too impressive (“Program Manager”), I practice another informal title: Grammarware engineer. I am in love with one woman (my…