IIS7 – Getting HTTP 500.19 while accessing the website

I recently worked with one of my customer who was getting “HTTP 500.19” error while browsing the website.

Server Error in Application "application name"
HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error
HRESULT: 0x8007000d
Description of HRESULT
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

Err tool showed “STIERR_INVALID_HW_TYPE” for 0x8007000d error code.

With further troubleshooting found that he had a virtual directory configured for a UNC share, and had a wrong password mentioned. Entered the proper credentials, and the problem went away.

This error message is a generic error message which would occur when the site configuration data present in the applicationHost.config has a malformed entry, or not a valid data (in our case it was the wrong password for the UNC connection, and the IIS cannot read its web.config file to check if there is any system.webserver setting mentioned)

Related KB : http://support.microsoft.com/kb/942055

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  1. Jon Davis says:

    I spent hours on this same error (500.19) and found the solution to my problem. It turned out to be something that nobody else ever documented, so I’m trying to spread the word for Google.

    It turned out that my root web was working fine, but my subwebs were not working fine and I got this error for the subweb. The subweb was an individually configured ASP.NET application. I figured that this wasn’t important because the root web was just a flat HTML file, but it mattered.

    What happened in my case was that a few days ago I had relocated the root web, then updated IIS to point to the new directory. All of the subweb applications, however, were treated by IIS as virtual directories, each with its own physical directory mapping. So each had the stale path.

    More specifically, I moved "C:webwww.mysite.com" to "C:webmysite.com", updated IIS for MySite to point to webmysite.com, and left it as such. The applications under mysite.com were each pointing to C:webwww.mysite.com[application].

    I had to update each subweb application’s Basic Settings to point to the revised path, and the 500.19 error went away.

    Hope this helps others like it would’ve helped me.

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