IIS7 – RequestFiltering maxQueryString and maxUrl

If you are new to IIS7 and reading about the new RequestFiltering module, you might have some questions about the length of the URL and the length of the querystring which would be used while denying/allowing a request. I thought I would put these simple information on this blog post. Here we go:

404.14 - URL too long

<requestLimits maxUrl=“10” />

The length of the URL would constitute just the length of the URL (/iisstart.htm) - including 1 for the / and not the length of the query strings. So, if you browse to https://www.contoso.com/vdir/myfile.aspx, then the length of this URL would be 17.

404.15 - QueryString too long

<requestLimits maxQueryString=“10” />

The length of the query string here would constitute the length of the
query strings, their values and also the delimiters (& and =). ? in
the front is not counted
for this.

Hope this helps someone reading my blog, somewhere in this world.

Happy Learning!

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