IIS7 – Interesting Fact – most wanted feature of Windows Server 2008

Mike Volodarsky, Program Manager of the IIS team has a nice link to share - a survey by InformationWeek - claiming IIS7 as the feature most of them are interested in Windows Server 2008.


This isn't surprising me because of the powerful features IIS7 offers to the administrators (Delegated configurations, configurable Over-riding configuration store, Request Filtering, Easy Remote Management, Shared Configuration, etc) and also being the best friend to the developers (Can extend the IIS manager, plug and play modules into the integrated pipeline, use all major ASP.NET functionalities in the pipeline enabling all the file types, can set the default document of the website themselves in web.config). Also by giving a lot of in-built troubleshooting tools and data such as FREB, RSCA and a powerful command line APPCMD to manage the whole server.

Overall, there would be a lot of great stories to talk about IIS7 and its functionalities in its coming days just like this - "Hosting a POSIX executable on IIS 7.0" where I helped a customer to host a POSIX compiled CGI application on IIS 7.0 (with help of Sub-system for Unix - SFU) which sounds as a true interoperability to me. What do you think?

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