ADSUTIL.vbs – Copying a website

Copying a website (to another exact copy) Here is the command to copy a website(run from a cmd prompt – c:\inetpub\adminscripts): > cscript.exe adsutil.vbs copy <source> <destination> > cscript.exe adsutil.vbs copy w3svc/1 w3svc/556 The numbers mentioned there are nothing but the website identifiers. After copying, you might see the other (new) website stopped – just…


LogParser – Useful Logparser scripts

Logparser is a powerful utility which comes handy for me whenever I’m helping my customers facing a problem with slow running pages, frequently hit pages, post mortem analysis to find what went wrong on IIS, et al. You can use Logparser to parse your IIS logs to health check the state of your server, and…


IIS7 – ASP.NET on Windows Server 2008 Server Core R2

If you are a Server Core fan, and wished you could host ASP.NET websites in Server Core, then feel better, you wish had come true. Windows Server 2008 R2’s Server Core will have .NET Framework which means, ASP.NET too. This is a big news for all those wanted to deploy Server Core, but stopped because…


Live Mesh – Syncing your Windows Live Writer Drafts

The title explains all, I’m going to run you through a few simple steps which will make your life much easier if you are into professional, or personal blogging on multiple machines – say workplace PC, your personal laptop, work laptop, et al. Imagine a situation where you are writing a blog from your workplace…


PDC2008 – day 2 – Awesome Office, Windows 7, Live Services, etc

Office 14 will have an online version – which can work seamlessly with the desktop version This is the most important announcement which impressed me very much – Office Web Applications. Check more about this here. Embedded Video below:   Windows 7 – an inside look Mark Russinovich talks about Windows 7, Original link here,…


Windows Azure – useful links

The world is excited about Windows Azure, and here are few useful links for the same. I’ll add more as they appear in the cloud. Windows Azure MSDN Azure Services Platform Windows Azure Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio October 2008 CTP Windows® Azure™ Software Development Kit (October 2008 CTP) Hope this…


IIS7 – How to set up logging to a remote UNC share?

First of all, let me tell you that there isn’t much changes to the logging done to IIS 7.0 compared to IIS 6.0. Logging still happens through Http.Sys, and you can configure the logging directory (of FREB log directory) to be a UNC share. There are a few MSDN/Technet articles available for the same(for IIS…


Touchless – you gotta believe this!

This is an interesting piece of technology that amazed me first when I read about its release, and freaked me out when I ran the demo application. Below is the demo as available from Office Labs. Video: Touchless It needs a webcam, and know more about this here. Nice works folks! .rm


Microsoft Web Platform Installer Beta

If you are a web deployment guru, and looking to reduce your burden of downloading lot of software, configuring them and if you didn’t check Bills’ blog earlier, you better do check it right now. The new ‘Microsoft Web Platform Installer Beta’ gives you an easy way of configuring the ASP.NET/IIS stack along with tools…