IIS7 – where is the "Web Services Extensions" option which was there in IIS6?

In IIS6, we had a separate node in the left pane to add/view/delete "Web Services Extensions". Here in IIS7 manager, it is presented as the "ISAPI and CGI Restrictions" and you can find this on the global level Features view:

  • Click on the Computer name in the left pane (root node in the tree)
  • In the Features view, select "ISAPI and CGI Restrictions"
  • You will find the list of extensions and their status.

Also, if you wonder where is the option to allow all Unknown ISAPI / CGI which was there earlier in IIS6, just right click and select "Edit Feature Settings..." or select the same from the "Actions" pane. Below are the screenshots:



Hope this helps! Happy Learning!

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  1. Miguel Limas says:

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  2. Jowii says:

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  6. bob chappell says:

    Thank you , thought I was loosing my mind , hehe, I read 5 other places before finding your straight answer , thank you!

  7. Michael says:

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  8. Krishna says:

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