IIS7 : HOW TO add FTP Site publishing?

The brand new FTP server shipping with Windows 2008 Server looks pretty cool. It has added SSL support. Do not confuse this with SFTP (FTP over SSH). It also includes FTP Publishing. To publish your site, you need to add a new binding for the FTP protocol to your website. There is a wizard which will take you through the configuration steps.

1. Open the IIS Manager

2. Select the website in the Connections pane

3. Click on the “Add FTP Publishing” in the Actions pane

4. You will get the above wizard. You can enter the configuration information for the FTP publishing site. You can also add Virtual host name and SSL settings. Click on Next. Now, the wizard will bring you the Authentication and Authorization Information window.

5. Select the Authentication method and the Authorization rules and click on Finish. Your FTP publishing for your website is now ready!

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