IIS7 – UI Module for setting FTP Active Directory user isolation properties

Okay, here is one more IIS7 UI module which would be used while using FTP server with Active Directory user Isolation. In IIS6.0, you had IisFTP.vbs file which you would use to set msIIS-FTPRoot and msIIS-FTPDir property for the user in Active directory. Below is how it looks:   Here is the link for the…

IIS7 – making Forms Authentication to work for all the requests

If you were following all the news about IIS7, you would have heard that you can now plug-in ASP.NET Forms Authentication in the main integrated pipeline. Few of my colleagues, other friends tried doing this and claimed that it didn’t work as expected. It is just protecting only the ASP.NET pages and they believe Forms…

IIS7 – Things to remember when using Web Management Service

IIS7 introduces the “Web Management Service” which lets the computer and the domain administrators to manage a web server remotely by using the IIS manager. This is also used when there are some users delegated to manage certain sites or applications on the server. You can also connect to an IIS7 server from your Windows…


IIS7 – Few things to be known and to be remembered

Thought of posting this blog entry which would give some changes that are in IIS7 compared to IIS6, and also few new stuffs introduced in IIS7.   Kernel Mode SSL Now, the SSL working in the Kernel mode is going to be the default. This existed in IIS6 (with SP1), but it wasn’t the default…


Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 is now available

Visual Studio 2008 and .NET 3.5 has shipped. You can download the .NET 3.5 from here. You can also check out the Visual Studio 2008 Express editions here. Check out ScottGu’s blog for more on this. More later.


IIS7 – IISRESET UI Module for IIS7 Manager (inetmgr)

In IIS7 (atleast till RC0 release), you might find no UI way to restart IIS services (IISAdmin, WAS, W3SVC). Only way is by using the command line exe – the classic IISRESET. Here is my UI module which give you a UI way to do this. This also shows the status of each IIS service…


IIS7 – Backup Restore UI Module

You might see that there is no UI way to take backup, restore backup. Only available way (till Windows 2008 Server RC0) is by the AppCmd tool. Below are the commands to do that: appcmd add backup “backupname” appcmd restore backup “backupname” For those who wanted to have an UI way for this, here is…


IIS7 – FTP7 – Supporting Virtual Host names – Extended logging

As you all know that the brand new FTP7 server now supports adding multiple host names. This is similar to that of adding host headers to the web sites, but as name indicates, these Virtual Host names are Virtual.  The new FTP7 server which is available for download from here would support this behavior. You…


HOW TO host a POSIX executable on IIS 7.0?

I was working for one of our customer who wanted to host his POSIX executables over IIS 7.0 on Windows Vista. He has .dat files which were built on an UNIX environment. He wanted use them as a CGI application hosted on IIS 7.0. Here is where the power of inter-operability of Windows comes into play….