Won’t be able to change certain properties of the website – POPUP – "A non-fatal configuration error occured" when opening IIS Manager GUI


You won’t be able to change certain properties of the website (ex. IPAddress). You may get a pop-up saying "A non-fatal configuration error occurred. Not all available information may be displayed" when you expand the computer name in the IIS Manager.


You may be able to create a website, but after creating that might not appear in the websites list.

You may get error 80070094 when you try to set some properties in the Metabase using ASDUTIL.VBS


This may be due to invalid entries in the Metabase. CSCRIPT.exe ADSUTIL.vbs enum / will be able to enumerate all the entries. But some invalid keys may still exist in Metabase. Follow the following steps to remove the invalid entries from Metabase using Metaedit.

  1. Stop IIS Admin service
  2. Open the Metaedit on the server
  3. Expand LM->W3SVC
  4. You will be having all the available website identifiers listed
  5. Delete the keys you don’t need anymore

    1. In this case, Customer had deleted the physical path of certain websites and he don’t need them anymore
    2. Some were pointing to a UNC share which doesn’t exist anymore
    3. Check for some errors in the event viewer like the following if you have FPSE installed for the websites

The server failed to load application ". The error was 'The specified metadata was not found.'

Event id: 1000 Microsoft FrontPage server extensions error #200001 message: cannot open file "some.file" for reading

    1. There may be some entries which doesn’t have any sub keys below them, delete them.

  1. Exit Metaedit
  2. Start all required IIS services

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