Resolution for Sharepoint Document ID Issue with Metalogix Migration

Metalogix is a widely-used migration tool specially when we need to migrate content in large scale. But the fact cannot be denied that it comes with some known limitation/issue as well. Sometimes we don’t even have any idea what went wrong in a specific scenario. One of such case is while migrating Document workspace sites,…


Enable Ribbon on item selection in SharePoint 2013

With every version of SharePoint Microsoft changes a lot that its hard to adjust with new version. It takes bit of time to get used to the new changes in new version. Just an example In SharePoint 2007 the Site Actions menu was in the right corner of the screen, in SharePoint 2010 the Site…


SharePoint 2013 Global Navigation wrap up

In SharePoint 2013 if number of links in the global navigation increases, the links are not wrapped by default. The links are aligned in single line. Sometimes the links are more in number that people started complaining about search bar is not available even though the search bar is available in the right corner of…


Manage Permission Level at subsites using powershell

In SharePoint 2010 the manage permission levels options by default do not appear on the screen. If we navigate to the manage permission page for a subsite it will appear as given below     Hence if we want to change or modify any permission level we will required to do so from parent site….


CSOM Sharepoint sites Change Log

Very often we need to gather information on SharePoint site/web changes after a specific period. Specially We found it very useful to trace any modification done on a site post migration and in case incremental job to be run one can easily identify what are the new changes will be lost after the migration. In…


Migrate Sharepoint document with version to Sharepoint online using CSOM

It has been observed quite  a few time that METALOGIX failed to migrate large document library content with version enabled or library using managed metadata. Very often it gets timed out exception during the operation. To overcome this issue in one of our migration project we used CSOM to migrate the documents with versions. Using…


Resolution:List View webpart sorting not working when added through powershell

Recently we faced a strange issue in one of our project. We added few list view webparts on different pages using powershell scripting as part of the deployment infrastructure. It was the usual scripting used everywhere. The listview webparts were added properly to the page with the following script   $web = Get-SPWeb <site url>…


Sharepoint Query String Filter webpart using powershell

Despite of some limitations often we need to deal with filter webparts in sharepoint application. Query string filter is is very common and widely used. And sometime it is required to automate the entire process, in order to do so powershell scripting is must. Here I will just explain using powershell scripting how to add…