Method names not found in SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) DLL.


Last month I was using SQL Server Management Objects (SMO) dll in one of my .NET project.After compiling the project Visual Studio 2005 IDE was reporting the error about missing method names in SMO DLL .I have already installed SQL server 2005 along with SP2 but still it was not able to find the missing method names in this dll.One of my colleague who was working on the same project does not face the "missing method name" issue at SMO dll even though the DLL versions loaded on both the machines were same.

Later on I came to know that I have to install SQL 2005 feature pack released on February 2007 located at

After installing the Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Objects Collection msi (SQLServer2005_XMO.msi) the problem disappeared and my project was able to found the missing method names.

I hope this would be helpful for those who might have faced the similar issue.


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