Visual Studio 2008 – More control over Recent Projects list in Start Page

If you work with a lot of samples, the chances are quite likely that you will end up in a rather dirty list of Recent Projects List in Visual Studio. I’m personally quite nit-picky and I really hate it when I find something like this… Now… I don’t know which of these Samples should I click…


Error while Publishing from Visual Studio 2005

Problem Description Issues when you try to Publish your website from Visual Studio 2005. It might happen if you create a File System project called <someName> and while publishing you use the same name in IIS. To reproduce this issue, create a simple File System based solution… Go ahead and build the project and everything…


Quantification vs Gut feeling

I was working on a pretty tricky issue a while ago. It was related to the Visual Studio IDE high memory consumption and slowness and I found that there are a lot of files in the Source Folder. So much so, that my gut feeling was saying that it is the source of all evil….


Read or Write Resources from/into a DLL in .NET 2.0

I created a Windows Live Writer plug-in for inserting Smileys a while ago. It depends on a TXT file which was initially present under Application Folder + “\Plugin” folder. Recently, due to design changes in the beta version of WLW, the plug-in started crashing due to the missing Text file! So the question here is,…


How to get the Folder Size in VB.NET

My problem was not really big, but it was a problem which really irritated me a lot!! We store data based on the user’s alias in a folder called D:\SomeFolder on remote machine. In due course of time though, the hard disk starts giving No Disk Space problems, and we need to ask the users…


Yippee!! VS 2005 SP 1 is available now… Finally!!! :)

I am so happy to see the Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (SP1) being released (finally)! Know more about it here! I am too excited to write more 🙂 Click, Install, Enjoy!!! -Rahul


Unable to connect to Visual Studio’s Localhost Web Server

Screwing up an installation is so easy! I realized it when I was working on an issue today and had to uninstall the .NET Framework (that’s different story ;o). I used my Control Panel and uninstalled it, but I was not done yet! I wanted to wipe out all traces of .NET 2.0 from my…


Some of the lesser known shortcuts of Visual Studio.NET to make coding easy and fun…

I have always been a key-board savvy person and don’t like using the mouse until necessary!!! While programming, there are quite a few things which makes our life really, really easy, provided you do the hard thing today, i.e, learn the shortcuts. In this entry I am trying to list out some of my favorites….


Visual Studio stops responding when you try to create an ASP.NET project

This is my first KB article posted at msdn, so I am very glad about it. We have seen quite a lot of issues related to this. The symptoms are as follows… — An ASP page will work fine on your box. ASPX will hang even if you try browsing it using the IIS Manager— If you try creating a…

A Test web page for ASP.NET without Visual Studio

Create a Text file with an extension of aspx and paste the following code. After you have saved the file, create a Virtual Directory in your IIS pointing to the folder where you saved it. Now, browse the file. If you have .NET Framework installed and mapped correctly, you should be able to see the output….