UPDATE> Windows Live Writer plug-ins

I have found that a couple of my plug-ins, namely Social Bookmarking and Smiley Plugin  don’t work as expected in Windows Live Writer’s latest version. If you are encountering any issues and running Vista machine, please try running WLW as an Administrator. Apparently a few things changed with WLW and I am still investigating if…


Smiley Plugin 2.0 for Windows Live Writer (WLW)

Smiley Plugin 2.0 is available for Windows Live Writer. Using this plugin you can add smileys from Yahoo, Yahoo Hidden and MSN. The good thing which comes up with version 2.0 of this plugin is that, now… you can add smileys or pictures directly from your WLW. It comes in pretty handy at times, for…


Quote of the day Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

Writing plug-ins for WLW is fun This is my 3rd plugin for WLW and I hope you like it. You just need to install this in your <Windows Live Writer>\Plugins folder and you should be good to go.   Just click on Insert Quotations… and you will get this window… You can select any quote…


Windows Live Writer Beta 3 Released!

All I can say is thanks 🙂 I installed it and loved it… Great job WLW Team. You guys rock 🙂 For more details… please visit this <Snip> Some highlights of this release: Insert videos using our new ‘Insert Video’ dialog Upload images to Picasaweb when publishing to your Blogger blog Publish XHTML-style markup Use…


Social Bookmarking Tool Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

Another Plug-in which I wrote for inserting social bookmarks automatically in WLW needs a re-install. This post is just to update that the issue has been fixed! Please un-install the previous versions and install this one. Enjoy Rahul Share this post :


Smileys Plug-in for Windows Live Writer

Recently, I came to know that a few changes in Windows Live Writer Beta version made my plugin to insert smileys crash the WLW! This post is just to update that the issue has been fixed ! Enjoy Rahul Share this post :


A couple of issues (and their workaround) with Social Bookmarking Tool Plugin for WLW

If you have been using Social Bookmarking Tool which I created a while ago to generate automated bookmarking tags from WLW beta 2.0, you might have seen the following two issues. 1. This one happens whenever you hover your mouse over the bookmarking links which you would have created using the tool. FIX: It is…


Social Bookmarking Tags for Windows Live Writer

I am not very good in keeping promises, but this time I will make an exception 🙂 I promised a while ago that I will create a WLW plugin for the Social Bookmarking Tool that would ease the process of creating social bookmarking tags automatically for the blog posts. So, finally… I release this version of…


Social Bookmarking Tool 2.0 Released

A while ago, I released a pretty basic version of Social Bookmarking Tool and gradually made it to support 20 bookmarking websites. The good thing was that you had options for different websites now. The bad was that… you didn’t have too many configuration options and everything used to appear as text. With this version…


Icons for different Social Bookmarking Sites

This post is meant just for hosting different icons of other Social Bookmarking Sites which my software – Social Bookmarking Tool supports, so that I could code them appropriately in its next version. Actually, I could have linked them directly to the the respective websites, but the problem is that I am a little afraid that if…