Social Bookmarking Tool 2.0 Released

A while ago, I released a pretty basic version of Social Bookmarking Tool and gradually made it to support 20 bookmarking websites. The good thing was that you had options for different websites now. The bad was that... you didn't have too many configuration options and everything used to appear as text. With this version I have changed it and now you will have options to use text, icons or both and my preference is to have just icons, since I can have a lot more icons and they won't make it look as messy.

Initially it showed something like...

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Now, it will be able to show all those links as different icons for different bookmarking websites as shown below. The usage of this tool hasn't changed much and is almost the same as it used to be earlier. As you can see, now we can fit in 20 different icons in the same line and it doesn't look as messy!

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If you are using Windows Live Writer do the following...

1. Save your blog "Post draft to weblog", but don’t publish it. This way you will get a URL
2. Once you have that blog entry created. Right click on that and say Copy Shortcut.
3. Now Open the Social Bookmarking Executable.
4. Add the copied URL
5. Add the Title
6. Generate Code
7. Copy code by hitting the button.
8. Modify your blog post using Live Writer but in HTML mode (View -> HTML)
9. Publish the blog.
10. You are all set!


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Comments (10)

  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Do I still have to use the CSS code that you mentioned back in April, until your v.1 release?


    Dave J. (Scoop0901)

  3. imRahulSoni says:

    Hi Dave.

    Yes you need to. Actually, it lessens the code we generate for that tool.



  4. Coryan says:

    I love this plugin…so far. But I am having a problem with step two of your instructions.  You say "right click on that", but what is that? I assume that refers the blog entry (subject of the preceding sentence), but I can’t find the URL anywhere by right clicking on anything.  Your help would be appreciated.

  5. imRahulSoni says:

    Hi Coryan,

    Thanks for your comment and I am sorry for being unclear.

    "Right click on that" actually means, right click on the "that post" and you are right in assuming it.

    Basically, the intention is to get the URL of the new post. If you are not getting it directly, try to find out what is the direct link to your post and use it in the tool to create the automated links for you.



  6. Guest says:


    How can add a bookmark to the Mozilla? (Not internal bookmark of the browser)

  7. Emmanuelle says:

    Hi Rahul, your plugin is just great, but what a pity, the Facebook button is not there ! How can I manage to get it in your list ? Do you need to modify your software ?

    thanks again for your reply

  8. imRahulSoni says:

    Point taken Emmanuelle 🙂

    I will get this into the next build if possible.

  9. Joey says:

    hmmm, I love this tool but for some reason I cannot get the plugin to work. I get an error when clikcing tools > insert tags:

    Unable to locate the Bookmarkerlist.txt file in the application folder

  10. Dave Coates says:

    I can’t comment on the actual working of cause it says it needs Framework 1.1 to install. Yet I’m running the  latest version of the framework (3.5)

    Any ideas?

    Check out SocialPoster for a list of 160 Bookmarking sites 😀

    That should keep you busy for a while 😉 hehe

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