Social Bookmarking Tool 1.0

Social Bookmarking Tool 1.0 is a very simple and easy to use tool for creating automatic hyperlinks as you might have seen already in quite a few blogger's entries...

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Once you click on them they automatically take you to the Social Bookmarking websites and the details in their forms are filled in accordingly. I wanted this process to be as simple as possible and hence decided to write this tool. You can freely distribute this tool, although I would be obliged if you could link to my blog at

This tool is pretty simple to configure.

In the install folder, there is a file called BookmarkerList.txt which looks like the following...

Note: I have included a new setup file which removes duplicacy of kicking effect at 🙂 (and this post is also modified as per Galvin's feedback)

NAME=email it!
URL=mailto:&body=I was reading this article and thought that you might like this:

NAME=bookmark it!

NAME=digg it!


NAME=kick it!

NAME=live it!

As you might have noticed, it is in the way each of the website accepts the input from you while you try to bookmark the link. Now, in my code I am just reading the URL so that I could post it to that specific URL and pass on your hyperlink (which is captured from the Application's GUI along with your blog title). Same thing for passing TITLE. So, if you want to add a lot more links on your blog entries you can modify this file...


It is pretty simple and you can enhance your bookmarking site list pretty extensively and the GUI picks up the details automatically. It would be really nice if you could reply to my post with your favorite Social Bookmarking site's ways to accept data and I will incorporate them in my future versions! Let me know if you face any issues.

If you are using Windows Live Writer, you may do this in order to get started...

1. Save your blog "Post draft to weblog", but don’t publish it. This way you will get a URL
2. Once you have that blog entry created. Right click on that and say Copy Shortcut.
3. Now Open the Social Bookmarking Executable.
4. Add the copied URL
5. Add the Title
6. Generate Code
7. Copy code by hitting the button.
8. Modify your blog post using Live Writer but in HTML mode (View -> HTML)
9. Publish the blog.
10. You are all set!

All feedback is welcome 🙂


Share this post : email it! | bookmark it! | digg it! | reddit! | kick it! | live it!
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Comments (12)

  1. You’ve been kicked (a good thing) – Trackback from

  2. Gavin Joyce says:

    Hi Rahul,

    Thanks for adding to your list.

    There is actually a better url for the ‘kick it’ link:

    NAME=kick it!



    This url helps avoid duplicate submissions.



  3. imRahulSoni says:

    Thanks Gavin. I will update the Bookmark list for the next version! (will recompile the app and post it soon). In the meantime, if you like you can change it pretty easily in your BookmarkerList.txt file in the install folder!



  4. Great tool Rahul! Keep up the good work. You Rock!

  5. A CRM Riff says:

    A friend of mine has recently created a tool that adds this to bottom of each post to get response from

  6. Shahid... says:

    UTiliTYYYYYYYYY Man!!! Thts a gud one dude!!!

  7. Hello! Very interesting. Thank you.

  8. dev watmore says:


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  9. Yuschenko says:

    Nashe – victoryushchenkonashpresudent i vse odno vse!

  10. Val says:

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  11. Sean says:

    Good tool.But i’ld like to suggest another tell a friend widget,which allows content sharing without forcing visitors to leave your site.You can download it for free at

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