my new role: Customer Success Manager (Yammer & Office 365)

Today I want to share exciting personal news for me:

I have accepted a job offer at Microsoft Corp. as a Customer Success Manager for  Office365 (also including Yammer)  starting September 1st. 2014.
That means that I am going to leave my SharePoint focused Senior Consultant role at Microsoft Germany and move within the Microsoft organigram to the Marketing organization, lead by Chris Caposella.
Within Jared Spataro`s Product Marketing Group, I am going to be part of the Customer Success Manager Team EMEA and be resposible for the German Market.

So what exactly does a CSM do? I am going to accompany and lead my customers while going through these phases of an Enterprise Social Network to get most benefits out of their investment.

At Microsoft it is not enough to convince customers to use Yammer for free or to sell the Enterprise Edition.

We really want to make sure that end users accept and adopt the new working style delived by an Enterprise Social Network:

  • working loud & transparent
  • working beyond boundaries of deparments
  • working beyond hierachies
  • working anywhere and anytime
  • working like a network (watch this video at YouTube)
  • and use an Enterprise Social solution like a Yammer to optimize your business processes, getting things done, work smarter & easier -  and have more fun at work 🙂

More about Yammer Customer Success Program

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