Howto push Yammer messages to my Pebble Smartwatch

If you are using Yammer and have bought a Pebble Smartwatch recently, you might have noticed that there is no single Yammer App for Pebble. 

I was wondering if existing Webservices like IFTTT or Zapier could help me to push mentions or DMs from Yammer to my watch.
There are many other notification services for Pebble available but this recipe described here helps to reduces information load and only
publishes notifications on your smartwatch with your predefined high prio filters. 

Unfortunately my favourite IFTTT can only create Yammer Tasks, no actions (I submitted a feature request to IFTTT)

Zapier is able to do this in combination of Pushover. Here are the steps:


  • Register an account at Pushover
  • Install Pushover App on your SmartPhone (currently only iOS and Android are supported) and register your device
  • Register an account at Zapier
  • Create a new Zap which looks like this:


Now select a Yammer & a Pushover account, also choose your Yammer network 

Optionally you could choose from which kind of messages you would like to use as a trigger like "all received" based on special filter criterias like the ones below
UseCase: I only want to receive a notification about Yammer on my Pebble if your CEO has postet something or a direct message contains text "important".
I don't use these kind of filters because I want to get all DMs on my Pebble, just want to let you know that it is possible.

I case you want to receive a @mention what I assume, you could set the filter to your user name. 


Last Step: Configure the message! 

I only want to see full name of sender and plain body text in my Pebble notification. 

 Keep in mind that there are different purchase plans for Zapier: 100 tasks (here: notifications) /month are free

Voila! Now I receive Yammer messages & mentions on my beloved Pebble!



I am also in contact with developer of great Android Pebble App called "Pebble Instant" to add Yammer notifications.

I  hope that you like this recipe and helps to stay in touch with your Yammer notifications and your work within a Responsive Organisation by filtering most relevant content to you.




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