WebApplicationProxy and SharePoint 2013: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" error

This week I configured for my customer WebApplicationProxy (pass-through and ADFS- claims mode).

We have accessed this website https://externalfqdn in the browser, were redirected correctly to SharePoint but stayed there only 1 second. Then IE showed this error in a white page:  "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage"

I solved it as follows: 

1)      SPS Public URL entry added for https://externalfqdn with new zone to give AAM mapping of https://externalfqdn to https://externalfqdn 

2)      WAP Sharepoint rule changed to forward external host header to SPS using:
          Get-WebApplicationProxyApplication AppName | Set-WebApplicationProxyApplication – DisableTranslateUrlInRequestHeaders:$true

 (replacing AppName with the relevant WAP application name).

SPS now gets the External FQDN in the host header for requests through WAP and generates the correct external links based on the new AAM setting.


Usually "DisableTranslateUrlInRequestHeaders"  indicates that Web Application Proxy does not translate HTTP host headers from public host headers to internal host headers when it forwards the request to the published application.


Technet and also Technet here

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  1. Serge says:

    Step 2) -DisableTranslateUrlInRequestHeaders:$true

    doesn't seam necessary at all or is it ?!

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