SharePoint, Office365 & Yammer Nuggets of week 8

  • Killer Visuals with SharePoint Search and Display Templates
    Ben Niaulin gave a presentation at SharePoint UserGroup 
  • Office 365 Hybrid Usage 
    Martina Grom was presenting at SharePoint Conference this week in Germany 
  • SharePocalypse: Podcast with Michael Greth (German)
    Number 6 is released now 
  • SharePoint Sendung with Michael Greth (German)
    Number 5: Stephan Fasshauer (Product Manager for Visio at Microsoft) about Project Management, SharePoint UseCases at Interboden,  Kanban, Microsoft Project with MVP Torben Blankertz, Certification
  • Simplied Login with Yammer & O365
    SingleSignOn improvements described in official blogpost 
  • Office Web Apps renamed
    new name: Office Online. Hans Brender blogs about news 
  • Hierarchical Address Book now available in Office 365 
    New feature HAB which is already known enPremise
  • SharePoint Hybrid worksheet for a one-and two-way outbound authentication topology
    helpful when deploying a one- & two way outbound hybrid topology
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