SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the week 37

what happened? Similar work like week before, travelled to my SP2013 customers in Hannover and Hamburg. Joined an excellent Team Event in Munich with Microsoft Consulting Services.

  • ShareCamp AT in Vienna
    Max Melcher has written down his notes and summaries, also links to presentations. Read more about Toni Pohl`s impressions and what Thorsten Hans shares
  • Starting Yammer conversations from documents stored in SharePoint
    Very useful and brandew feature on Office365/SPO. Share documents from SharePoint into Yammer, choose topic, mentions and groups and add a status update.
  • Enterprise Social Collaboration Progression Model
    New WhitePaper written by Mark Ashbrook from Microsoft
  • How to create a new result type in SharePoint Server 2013
    Another great deep dive into Enterprise Search, more parts to follow
  • Michael Greth`s ToolBox 73
    Contains Knockout Binders (KoSP)  for REST API and SP Services, a Workflow Dashboard and a SharePoint Host named Site Collection (HSNC) Creator
  • Managed Metadata Navigation
    Oliver Wirkus has written his own guide to this topic
  • How To Control App Token Lifetimes in SharePoint 2013
    Steve Peschka explains (due to questions on Twtter)  how caching tokens in High Trust Apps work
  • Design Sample: Corporate Portal with Host-named Sites for SharePoint Server 2013
    Technet Download  illustrates the use of host-named site collections with all sites deployed in a single web application on the farm. This method is highly scalable and is flexible in managing URLs.
  • Howto display valus from managed properties in search results
    2nd article and another option to realize it
  • SharePoint Podcast with Michael Greth
    Interview with Markus Raatz about PowerBI in Office 365 (in German)
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