SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the weeks 36

my week: been to two SP2013 customers and designed migration concepts, defined requirements for performance & scalability and played around with a cool new SharePoint/Yammer integration feature.

  • SharePoint Online/ Office365 improves limits and makes it easier to restore
    Now you can upload up to 2 GB (and more filetypes supported). Number of possible SiteCollection went up from 3000 to 10000. Official Blogpost
  • Understanding how item display templates and hit highlighting work
    Deep dive into Hit Highlighting within display templates 
  • SharePoint Podcast 276
    Michael Greth talks (in German) with Georg Maikler from Microsoft about Yammer
  • Bringing Breadcrumb Navigation back
    Nice and simple trick to get breadcrumb nav back inside MasterPage
  • How to change the way search results are displayed
    See how changes in search schema and usage of mapped properties can optimize search results significally. Another blogpost about modifications in result types & display templates
  • Office 365: What`s new in August?
    Overview of new features listed here 
  • Archiving to ECM Storage / ESPEX
    Lorenz Goebel/HanseVision shared a presentation about a developed archiving solution (also incl Metalogix)
  • Improved Managed Metadata Service
    WAND introduces to their resources (blogs, videos, presentations) about Metadata and Taxonomy 
  • Enterprise search architectures
    Updated Technet Design Samples
  • Why Yammer believes the traditional engineering organizational structure is dead
    Very interesting lecture about new ways how organizations develop code
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