Yammer App for SharePoint & Office 365 : Tips & Tricks

*** UPDATE: Microsoft doesn`t support Yammer App for SharePoint 2013 and Yammer Webpart for SP2010 anymore. Please use Yammer Embed and also check out this HOWTO Video done by my 10yr old son ****


I was quite excited when the Yammer App for SharePoint/Office365 was released in the last days of June. I was part of the beta testing team, could collect a lot of hints in the last weeks and want to share them with you.
Never heard of Yammer, Microsoft`s leading layer for Social Enterprise, before? Check out this video

Where to find and download the new Yammer App? Search for it in your SharePoint App Store

Let me start with the official ones:

  • Must to read: WhitePaper for integration of Yammer with SharePoint 2013 en Premise , Andrew Billings Blogpost and Faisal Masood`s Help
  • Add the Yammer Embed widget to a SharePoint page
  • Known Issues in SharePoint 2013 Server & Office 365

    Issue: Yammer App for SharePoint: App part doesn’t render and gives an iFrame error in Internet Explorer
    Because the Service Manager component in Office programs automatically adds SharePoint tenant domains to Trusted Sites security zone in Internet Explorer whenever you open a document from a SharePoint site, you get an IFrame error. The login endpoint isn’t added to Trusted Sites. The user authentication to SharePoint still succeeds, but the iFrame itself isn’t rendered as it’s blocked by click jacking protection.
    Workaround:  Add following sites into your Trusted Sites list and restart the session: https://login.microsoftonline.com & https://*.sharepoint.com

    Issue: Yammer App for SharePoint: Blank dialog box pops-up on login when using Internet Explorer
    Having *.yammer.com and *.sharepoint.com (like your SharePoint domain) in the Intranet Zone setting in Internet Explorer prevents you from logging into the Yammer from the Yammer App for SharePoint. You’ll see a blank dialog box after logging into Yammer from the app.
    Workaround: Add following sites into your Trusted Sites list, remove them from local intranet zone and restart the session: https://*.yammer.com  & https://*.assets-yammer.com
    If adding these sites doesn’t solve the problem, please turn on Protected Mode for Trusted sites.
    If you cannot change these settings (due to default settings, managed by corporate administrator), use your browser in private mode.

    Issue: my Yammer feed is not displayed and visible anymore
    Short answer: clear your browser cache. Insructions for any browser-Cache)  

     Issue: "This page or app is using an unsupported version of the Yammer platform" error message when you use the Yammer App for SharePoint
    Yammer API has been changed, you need to update the app (find out how

 My slidedeck about Yammer App for SharePoint (includes tutorial and QuePort Integration)

Animated GIF Tutorial (click to run):

 (to be continued)

Comments (10)
  1. Faisal Masood says:

    Hi Ragnar,

    Just saw your Yammer post. Thanks for sharing.

    Faisal Masood


  2. Sherry says:

    Thanks so much Ragnar, we'll get a ticket opened today.

  3. Ragnar Heil says:

    hi Sherry, thank you for mentioning this behaviour! Would you be so kind and open a support ticket within your Office365 tenant? Then the escalation engineers can easily figure out if it is classified as a bug and already known issue.

  4. Sherry says:

    Hi Ragnar,

    We've added the Yammer Web App to our Office365 site, and we've noticed something quirky.  We are using a publishing site, with the Search Refinement App and Search Results App on the home page along with the Yammer web app.  Additionally all the publishing pages within the site, have the Yammer web part included on the page.  When a user refines their search results and navigates to that publishing page the Yammer App loads feed from a particular Yammer group.   However, if the user tries to use the "back browser button" the page just reloads the Yammer web part, it does not actually go back to the last page they were on with their search results.  Click the back button several times seems to eventually take them back to the previous page, but we are trying to find out why this is happening.  Could you point us in the right direction to determine if this is a bug with MS/Yammer or if there is something else we need to look into?



  5. Steve says:

    Here is another App which shows 'Recent Activites', Unread Notification Counts, People search fom your SharePoint sites – store.office.com/yammer-parts-WA104377502.aspx

  6. Teja says:

    we get with Yammer, it should give a sign on window the first time and then put a cookieToken on your PC so you don’t have to sign in again.

    Could you check if there are any firewall Ip’s which may require opening. If so could you send the IP’s

  7. Benja says:

    thanks for the fast response, Ragnar,

    Do you know if exists some way to include an app (web scope app) in a site template?

    I would need to have available the yammer appPart when the user creates a new site (in office 365) using my custom site template.

    I have tried to create a sandbox event receiver but  SPApp object isn't available in sandbox solutions 🙁

  8. Ragnar Heil says:

    @Benja: yes, you have to go to the Store and install/trust it for each site.

  9. Benja says:

    Hi Ragnar,

    I'm trying to populate the yammer app using the App Catalog, but I don't have available the Yammer appPart in the sites to include the app in a webpart page.

    Do you know the way to do it?

    Would I need to install the app in each site?

    Many thanks

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