SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the weeks 19-22

Topics of my last weeks: Building Pilots with Yammer-SharePoint Integrations, FileSystem Migration to SharePoint, Improving Crawling Performance in WAN, Migrating SP2010 Content DBs to new SQL Server, BCS & SP2013 Search

  • 7 SharePoint 2013 Upgrade Tools You Can’t Live Without
    Covers: Conflicting Content Types, Customized Files, Missing Galleries & SiteTemplates & Content Types, Unsupported Language Packs & MUI References
  • SkyDrive Pro Client available
    Now SkyDrive Pro for Windows can be downloaded standalone
  • SharePoint Podcast with Michael Greth
    Number 268 includes: Yammer and Interview with Jörg Stappert from
  • Use event-click parsing to increase e-commerce site Revenue
    Runar Olsen et al. from Microsoft Norway have an example how to integrate HDInsight Service with SharePoint 2013 and increase search relevance & revenue
  • MultiLingual Taxonomy Term Store Import Tool
    Download from Codeplex
  • Facebook Like WebPart
    With this WebPart from Codeplex you can "like" a page similar to Facebook
  • Global Top Navigation Menu Solution
    also download available at Codeplex (via Michael Greth`s Kaffeetasse). Offers breadcrumb Nav, Footer and advanced Settings
  • User Profile Sync for Claims Users
    Kirk Evans Shows how to configure multiple Connections for User Profile Synch when using Claims
  • Deploying Remote BLOB Storage with SQL Server 2012 AlwaysOn Availability Groups
    Bill Baer, SharePoint Product Manager at Microsoft, offers deep insights into different steps
  • Powershell: Enable Refiner Count for Search
    Max Melcher has written a Script which enables Count in Search Refiner
  • How to deploy WSPs from SharePoint 2010 in SharePoint 2013
    SPDailyTips about migrating SP2010 WSP to 2013
  • Getting SharePoint 2013 Search Managed Properties to Work
    A lot of clarification covered here (especially helpful for users which have SP2010 experience)
  • Change Search Service Account with PowerShell
    HanseVision offers a script for this Change
  • April CU has been released
    Find Stefan Gossners notes and link to download here
  • Microsoft Blog series "how to set up a Product centric Website"
    Stage 10: Configure the query in a Content Search Web Part on a catalog item page
    Stage 11 covers Upload of Display Template to Content Search WebPart 
    Stage 12: Use Refiners for  Faceted Navigation
  • Introducing the Microsoft Office Interactive Content Pivot
    Very helpful tool to Pivot through TechNet or - Content
  • Your friendly guide to host-named site collections
    Introduction to this new feature
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    HI Regnar,

    First of all, thank you so much for adding a link to my open source solution

    sorry for bother you. I am the developer of the Global Top Navigation Menu and I wonder why you (via Michael Greth`s Kaffeetasse).


    H. Mendez

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