SharePoint 2013 Nuggets of the weeks 3 & 4

Back from my first SharePoint 2013 Search Training which I gave customized for my customer. Let me share my favourite SharePoint Links for you

  • BA Insight Whitepaper: The Essential Guide to Enterprise Search in SharePoint 2013
    excellent introduction to Search, must to read!
  • OpenSearch: Search through Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia in one result page
    Video and query samples here 
  • Getting your users to be social
    Jeremy Thake writes about User Adoption in SP2013 
  • Taxonomy code samples from SPC!
    a lot of great stuff from official SharePoint Blog about Term Set Import & Sync and Automated Tagging
  • Is Client Side Scripting a Good Way to Access SharePoint Data?
    Interesting discussion with Pro & Cons and a few links to solutions
  • Understanding Metadata
    Nice Presentation about Metadata in General, in SharePoint, Best Practises and about Taxonomy 
  • Video: Revolutionise Your Organisation with SharePoint 2013
    Dux Raymond shares his video presentation
  • Add Buttons into Ribbon without Code
    Fabian Moritz shows how to do that without writing code
  • SharePoint 2013 Farm Communication
    a Diagram about protocols, proxies  and ports
  • Get Started Building SharePoint Apps in Minutes with LightSwitch
    Beth Massi shows in a tutorial how to create Apps with LightSwitch 
  • Workflow Resources
    Mike Gannotti has collected links for SP2013 WF 
  • SharePoint Podcast No 250 with Michael Greth 
  • Michael talks (in German) with Florian Grasel about running and much more. A lot of events are mentioned in our German speaking community
  • My Users Don’t Like SharePoint…New Series!
    many important and often mentioned aspects are covered here
  • German Language Pack
    How to install, configure and activate, described by Patrick Sender 
  • Drag and Drop Navigation
    Video Tutorial about this new feature in SP2013 
  • How to Create a Smart Table in SharePoint Online 2013
    Learn how to use Excel Interactive View to change the presentation of a table and how to use the WordPressPluglin
  • Customizing Developer Dashboard in SP2013
    Stefan Goßner shows how you can add your own Javascript Code 
  • 10 Reasons not to implement a MySite
    Fabian Moritz delivers (in German) 10 aspectsmer to wait for these social features 
  • Commercial Video: Mobile App
    very funny and well done video about people walking against things while using smartphones
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