SharePoint 2010 & 2013 Nuggets of the Week 49

  • SharePoint 2010 Cumulative Update: October 2012
    Description and Download here
  • SharePoint 2013 Search Query Tool released
    Nadeem Ishqair has released his Search Tool on Codeplex. It helps to debug security trimming issues and you can see how the different Query Parameters (on Search REST WebService) are formatted
  • SP2013: Improve navigation through search results using refiners based on custom entities
    Katja Krauss shows how to create search refiners if you dont have metadata but custom entities that you extract from the document content.
  • Todd Klindt`s Netcast 138
    Todd talks about Viewer,SharePoint Manager and SQL Server Max Memory Settings
  • Create SharePoint 2013 Search service application with PowerShell
    Todd Klindt has written a PowerShell script
  • SharePointPodcast 246 with Michael Greth
    Michael talks (in German) with Judith Schütz from OSN (St Gallen, CH) about the IMPACT-Approach and Change Management / non-technical success factors in SP-Projects
  • Using User Context in Search with SharePoint 2013
    Steve Peschka has released a tool (incl SourceCode) for SP2013-Search to get User Segmentation / Context
  • SharePoint Social Adoption and Badges
    Daniel McPherson believes that Badges in SP2013 can increases the Adoption rate
  • SP2013 Content Publishing Model & RSS-Feeds
    this blogpost shows how to render RSS-Feeds with the new Content Publishing Model and discusses limitations
  • SP2013: Group-Membership based filtering of list items
    HanseVision blogs about code in the Group-view (MyGrTsks.aspx) where the filtering-options are set for list items. That`s not possible in the UI
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