SharePoint Nuggets of the weeks 27-28

  • SharePoint Metro UI 
    Master-and Layout Page, Images and CSS, free to download 
  • SharePoint and Yammer
    Joel Oleson is creating a brandnew SharePoint Community in Yammer. You might also want to read summary about thoughts at #WPC12 about this topic
  • SharePoint Best Practises
    You might know this link but it is for me most important SharePoint Link which I can share 
  • SharePoint and Email-Integration
    Scinaptic OnePlaceMail introduced by Joel Oleson
  • SharePoint User Rights and Permissions
    can be read out with PowerShell-Commandlet using this approach 

  • SharePoint Infographic
    find it here 
  • Why you might need FASTSearch for SharePoint
    Summary and link to details
  • 8 Easy Ways to Change SharePoint for Work
    These ways can improve your productivity while working with SharePoint
  • How to hide Taxonomy Suggestions
    This trick shows how to hide the auto suggestions box 
  • Sticky Quicklaunch Navigation
    quite often customers ask for a sticky navigation on the left. Although this code hides the metadata-filters, it might be useful
  • SharePointPodcast with Markus Raatz and Michael Greth
    Number 226 is about Mobile Business Intelligence (in German) 
  • June Cumulative Update of SharePoint 2010
    description and download here 
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