SharePoint Nuggets of the weeks 22-24

  • SPELL, a SharePoint Framework to Speed up customizations
    SPELL is a Javascript Library which can enhance and customize the Look of SharePoint Pages, Menus, Forms, Tabs, Slideshows. It also simplifies connection to WebServices, RSS, REST and offers an own Template Engine 
  • Microsoft BI Academy
    I just discovered this Website which contains a lot of helpful videos, tutorial and articles about Business Intelligence
  • Skydrive Connector for SharePoint
    A WebPart for SharePoint which connects to Skydrive Cloud Storage.
  • Sandbox Workflow Action for SharePoint
    This Solution allows to create sites automatically and adds permissions
  • Claims Identity Migration
    Steve Peschka has developed a tool which helps to migrate Windows Claims Identites to SAML Identities
  • Classification of Content in SharePoint: Content Types or Metadata?
    This article discusses when to create new Content type and in which situations it makes sense to enhance Content types with new columns and use metadata
  • Host Named Site Collections
    in-depth artice for admins how to name site collections (and Impact to AAM etc)
  • Retrieve all SharePoint Lists
    This code writes all lists into a textfile
  • SharePoint Podcast 223
    Michael Greth`s German Podcast about Intranet Babette
  • SharePoint Social Market Research (in German)
    65 seitige Studie: SharePoint 2010 – oder wie Anzugträger und Kapuzenpullis zusammen arbeiten. Marktanalyse zur Collaboration mit Microsoft SharePoint 2010
  • Todd Klindt`s Podcast
    he talks about SharePoint Patches and Guidelines. He also covers Time Job Services
  • Myths about SQL Server 2008
    Steffen Krause talks about widely spread myths (from competitors) and clarifies a lot
  • How to delete Search Service
    It can happen that Search Service Application cannot be removed in the Central Admin. This article (German) Shows how to do it with STSADM
  • SharePoint Developer Dashboard
    You might know but I havent mentioned this great Tool before. It measure Database Query Times, WebPart Rendering Times and much more, integrated in SharePoint Browser Window. See comments from Michael Denzler in German
  • SIze of SharePoint Site Collection
    PowerShell Command how to get size of a site collection
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