Nuggets of the weeks 13-17

time for a new blogpost! Last weeks I was deep diving in my current SharePoint Project but now I will spend one hour to share my latest links with you



  • SharePoint Data Generator
    automatically populates SharePoint lists with realistic test data. Download on Codeplex


  • Template Hub for SharePoint
    Central repository for Templates.It solves the issue with one-to-one relationships between Content Types and Templates by splitting this up. Download on Codeplex


  • Sharepoint versus Confluence und Jive
    Article in German Computerwoche


  • Extending SharePoint`s Social Features
    Blogpost about Activity Stream, Likes, Board&Notes and Subscriptions


  • SPSiteInstaller for SharePoint
    This popular script for installing complete WebSite can be used now to update an existing environment. Codeplex
  • German Article Series about Social Extensions for SharePoint
    Wolfgang Miedl adds a 3rd article about extensions



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  1. Dr.Sharepoint says:

    thanks for the summary. excellent resource. Have you read the enterprise architect guidebook? I am interested in that title.

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