Nuggets of the weeks 11 & 12

Adventure Works Databases for SQL Server 2012

available now for download


SharePoint Magic Data View Builder

new Version of this tool which generates customized Content views based on XSLT templates


SharePoint Grid for Mobile Applications
Overview which mobile devices are supported for listed SharePoint Applications


SharePoint Database Information WebPart

this WebPart Displays Database Information in a list


SharePoint ULS Logfile Deobfuscator

This tool collects SharePoint Logs and lets you choose correct logfile from filesystem and find the Information you Need (including advanced sorting and filtering options)


4 ways to boost your SharePoint Performance

find the article (German Summary by Wolfgang Miedl) in English here


Compare SharePoint Editions
helpful Matrix Table 

SharePoint 2010 Install Guidance

Todd Klindt`s helpful steps which sometimes includes scripts

Business Intelligence: xVelocity

Introduction to xVelocity which is a new in-Memory Technology which increases Performances of a BI- and AnalysisServices-Application


Heat Maps for SQL Server Reporting Services
Tutorial how to creat heat maps using SSRS and Map Control


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