Nuggets of the week 3 & 4

Lightning Tools for SharePoint released

a discussion and collaboration tool which can be downloaded here

Maslow Pyramid for SharePoint
very nice diagram from ProTechnology here

BISM Normalizer for Analyis Services
can be used to compare Database schemas, report Excel and script these changes. Link here

Dynamic WIKI for SharePoint
Javascript generates a WIKI Table of Contents by reading out Header-HTML-Tags

Chart WebPart for SharePoint 2010
Now migrated to 2010 and still free to use! Link

Visual Studio 11 Preview
with the new SharePoint Developer Tools Link

WebPart for SharePoint 2010 to display ActiveDirectory Users and Units

View Data in the SharePoint 2010 Logging Database
new Technet Article

Create and configure a new search service application
this new technet article contains also a video

SharePoint Podcast 203 with Michael Greth and Markus Raatz
about BI and interesting links to Chart WebParts and free BI-Solution from Microsoft. Link

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
interesting insights from this article

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