Nuggets of the week 45

Find below a list of described links which I found this week and covering interesting topics regarding FAST Search, SharePoint and Business Intelligence


Designing a SSIS Framework  

Andy Leonard from Linchpin People promised a few times  to deliver his SSIS Framework which he showed on a few conferences (Pass Summit etc). Here it is and I am very keen to try it in the next days.


Semantic Search Demo for SQL Server 2012

Cool code example on Codeplex which shows how to visualize the new semantic search feature from SQL Server 2012. Word documents were uploaded into the FileTable, compared and visualized in a tag cloud.


Scale Test Report for Very Large-Scale Document Repositories
Microsoft delivered a document about a detailed test report which covers very large scaled repositories (15,000 concurrent user load test against a 120 million document SharePoint Server 2010 farm). You can learn a lot about sizing and specific configurations.


A side-by-side approach for upgrading SharePoint search to FAST
This blog post says that it is the shortest path to migrate a SharePoint 2010 Search solution to FAST Search for SharePoint


SharePoint PowerShell CommandBuider Kit

Microsoft released a kit to create PowerShell Commands in a visual way


Architecting SharePoint Governance

Dan Holme`s Workshop can be found as an audio podcast and also as PDF-slides at Michael Greth`s SharePointPodcast

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