#WP7: “The importance of being…” SUPPORTED!

Another non-technical one, but really proud of… From http://live.visitmix.com/Resources, under “Windows Phone 7 Series” category:   Some interesting resources: Windows Phone 7 Series Developer Training Kit Charles Petzold’s free ebook: Programming Windows Phone 7 Series (DRAFT Preview) MIX10 sessions at http://live.visitmix.com.   Cheers! ~raffaele

Windows Mobile 6.5 Certifications

Certifications for Windows Mobile 6.5 are finishing their beta-phase… so I can now share my current medals:   Details about the exams on: TS: Windows Mobile 6.5, Configuring TS: Windows Mobile 6.5, Application Development   HTH! ~raffaele

Fix released for WM6.x devices with HTC and Samsung drivers about UI slowdown

A very quick post: if you’re using devices powered with HTC or Samsung drivers (such as also the Sony-Ericsson Xperia X1, for example) and noticed periodic slowdowns of the UI, then you may benefit of the following fix: Some GUI interactions no longer work correctly on Windows Mobile 6.1 devices and Windows Mobile 6.5 devices….

Silverlight for Windows Embedded CE 6.0: First sample codes (stress and multiple instances of a control in separate DLL)

Intro about SWE (Silverlight for Windows Embedded) Sample code for simple starting stress-test Sample code showing multiple instances of a control, implemented as separate DLL   Part of my job as Support Engineer is to handle requests coming from ISVs developing applications for Windows CE: this is not always an easy task because contrarily to…

Windows Mobile: programmatically intercepting phone calls

Supported?? Expectations about cprog.exe How Communicator Mobile works with “Work Phone calls” Sample code to “extend” the State&Notification Broker for IGNORED phone calls I recently worked with some ISVs asking support about this, then also answered to a MSDN Forum thread about the same, so I’d say it may be worth to mention it here…

Windows Mobile 6 SDK TEST-ONLY Certificates: new CAB and XML Provisioning

SDK Test Certificates expired last December 31 and the Product Group provided a new set of Test Certificates (and accordingly to mainly this MSDN Forum thread many ISVs had found alternatives in the meantime). The aim of this post if to provide an addendum to that notification, specifically related to the following sentence: “[…] If…

Get help now! A Vademecum about requesting Technical Support from Microsoft

  Get Help Now   Contact a Support Professional by E-mail, Online, or Phone   I often receive questions related to how to open Service Requests at Microsoft Customer Care & Technical Support, the last of which was in this MSDN Forum thread regarding the NETCF v3.5’s FIX about the WebBrowser control (which I’ve discussed…