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"Hello world!" It's been a really long time I don't post anything on this blog... for multiple reasons actually, the main one probably being that Windows CE\Mobile is such a mature technology that "quite" every problem has been found and addressed! Winking Another reason is that we provide support for Windows Phone 7 through our App Hub Forums community (, even if for complex scenarios Technical Support is always available through regular Service Requests (last couple of weeks I repeteadly hit my head on a WP7.5 application accessing WCF Services on a IIS accepting Basic Authentication only, over SSL...). Anyway looking at blog-statistics I can see that even if I've not been posting, this blog is still visited by many and that lets me hope it has been having a good impact to the Mobile Developer Community during these 3+ years. There are posts more read than others, and in some cases that surprises me - indeed, what I consider one of my best posts is not the most read one Sad Basics on Windows CE\Mobile: an alternative way to approach the Memory Monster. Actually, the most read ones are the following (why the one on GPS? Probably for some keywords...):

  1. GPS Programming Tips for Windows Mobile - Part 1
  2. Microsoft released a HotFix for NETCF v3.5 on Windows Mobile 6.1.4 onwards, to address basic functionalities of WebBrowser control
  3. NETCF: Memory leak... now what??
  4. Supporting Kiosk-Applications on Windows Mobile (Technically achievable vs. supported)
  5. Silverlight for Windows Embedded CE 6.0: First sample codes (stress and multiple instances of a control in separate DLL)
  6. MAPI on Windows Mobile 6: Programmatically retrieve mail BODY (sample code)
  7. Establishing GPRS Connection on Windows CE and Windows Mobile: Sample Codes
  8. Wireless Programming on Windows Mobile: supported or not supported?
  9. Remote Desktop Mobile (RDP Client) disconnects after 10 minutes of inactivity
  10. Basics on Windows CE\Mobile: an alternative way to approach the Memory Monster

I truly hope these have helped Mobile Developers out there!


Good luck is another name for tenacity of purpose.

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