GPS Programming Tips for Windows Mobile – Presentation

Do you love SportsDo? I do. Smile "SportsDo is a GPS sports tracking system for your mobile phone which enables you to record your sporting activities while broadcasting live tracking stats to friends and family via the SportsDo web portal." [cit.] SportsDo was even mentioned by Bill Gates at MEDC2005 in Las Vegas (I was there!) during the launch of Windows Mobile 5.0, as an example of mobile application that exploits some cool capabilities of the platform.

So I asked myself: what about developing (for my own and some friends' fun) a sort of very limited clone of it? Well, I'm in process of it at the moment... I reached a beta1 version: it works but I realized I need to review some architectural choices to make it more usable... more on this later. And I would really have loved a unique blog\web-page that could have helped me with some basic tips.

That's why I'm going to write a series of posts based on the subject "GPS Programming Tips for Windows Mobile", hoping that others may benefit from my (admittedly limited!) experience.



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  1. fox23 says:

    来自意大利的微软工程师RaffaeleLimosani今年先后撰写了几篇关于WindowsMobile上的GPS编程的文章,讲解非常全面,值得一读: GPSProgrammingTi…

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