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Various implementations of Rx

I’m starting to lose track of the various ports/implementations of Rx out there. So I figured I’d list the ones I’m aware of here (and please let me know if you know of others!)   Rx .NET RxJS (JavaScript) Rx CPP RxJava Reactive Cocoa RxPython Reactive-Dart Rx.rb (Ruby)   This is pretty cool, because effectively…


Computing event duration using Rx

If you’ve looked at IIS logs, you’ve probably noticed that there are events for when a request is received and when the response is sent (see a typical request). It’s useful to understand average duration per request if you’re examining the health of your system. Alas, there’s no “duration” event. Sure, you can parse the…


A few English-to-Rx examples

Thanks to Erik Meijer for teaching me some of these patterns and reviewing the post. Thanks to Mark Simms and Curt Peterson for comments and reviews. Mark Simms and I have decided to start a new habit: If we find ourselves answering a similar question thrice, we’ll blog about it. Without further ado, here are…


How to express common windowing patterns using Rx

When processing continuous streams, one is usually interested in continuous answers broken into epochs or periods of time. Usually, the computations one formulates feel more like “compute the average speed per road segment every 5 minutes” than “what is the average speed in this road segment given all the data I’ve seen?” If you’ve been…