Developer of the Week – Adam Pound

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last Developer of the Week, so when I came across his game, Peg Out, through an email list for Windows developers I had to take a look.  As it turns out Peg Out is Adam’s first game made with Unity.  I must say, for his first game, he has done an incredible job.

Immediately after downloading the game on my phone, I played for about thirty minutes straight.  Not going to lie, I have had a couple of 30 minute sessions with the game since then as well Smile  Obviously, I have enjoyed the game, so I wanted to highlight it here and share with everyone!  And…it is a Florida app at that!

Peg Out


Shoot all the red pegs to pass the level

45 levels
3 special weapons
3 level ups
Added high scores

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