Quick Links of the Week 8/14/2014

Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1 Features

Check out the new features in Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1


Windows Phone Gaining Ground

Windows Phone added another 136,000 users in USA in July!


New HTC One W8

I always liked the look of the HTC One, so now we can get a look of HTC’s Windows Phone version.


All Versions of Surface 3 Will Have the Same Batter Life

Good news.  Regardless of which version of Surface 3 you decide to go with, you will get equivalent batter life.


Surface 3 vs MacBook Air…You Decide!

So the big marketing for the Surface Pro 3 is the fact that it can/should replace your laptop.  It has a bigger screen than the previous versions, but is still lighter.  It can also be as powerful as you want it to be, and ultra portable and convertible with the type cover keyboard!  How do you think it fares as a laptop replacemet?


Nokia 130 for $19

“Microsoft today announced the new Nokia 130, the most affordable mobile phone with FM Radio, video and music player. It comes with a beautiful design with a 1.8” colour display, inherent colouring, and built-in flashlight on the back with talk time of up to 13 hours.”


Phone Store Apps Doubles

Maybe some of my work is paying off Smile  The number of apps in the Windows Phone Store has doubled!


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