Quick Links of the Week 7/21/2014

Cortana Integration with Insteon

Just yesterday I bought an Insteon IP Camera from the Microsoft Store.  I haven’t yet finished all of the setup yet, but I cant wait!  As cool as the Insteon starter kit is, it seems that it will soon coming with Cortana integration.  Can you imagine that?


Windows Phone and Windows 8 Developer Resources Merged

Development for Windows Phone and Windows 8 has grown closer and closer especially over the last year with the combination of the Developer Account, Universal Apps, etc.  Microsoft has taken one more step to close that gap by merging the resources for the two platforms!  Developers should be getting more and more excited about this.


Windows Phone Codenamed McLaren is no more

There was at one point a Windows Phone Codenamed McLaren rumored to incorporate 3d touch.  Sadly, according to Windows Phone Central, the release of this phone has been cancelled.


Top 15 Smartphones

Of the top 15 Smartphones listed in this article by Endgadget, four of them are Windows Phones!  Enough said.


Merged Windows/Windows Phone kernel

As I mentioned above, Windows and Windows Phone appear continue to be growing closer and closer.  According to WMPoweruser, the two sharing a common core along with XBOX could be coming!


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