Quick Links of the Week 7/14/2014


Increasing the Popularity of Your Windows Phone Apps by Bill Reiss and Russ Fustino

Are you a Windows Phone developer and want to learn more about how to increase popularity of your apps?  Look no further.  Bill Reiss joins Russ Fustino for an episode of Russ Cam Unplugged!


Lumia 1020 End of Life Coming

Apparently the Nokia Lumia 1020 is coming to End of Life in September.  It only came out about a year ago so this seems to be a quick turn around.  I wonder what more new phones are coming Smile


Windows Phone to Support Android Apps

According to rumors, it seems likely that Windows Phone will eventually support Android Apps for better or for worse.


Flexible TV

A flexible TV…what?  How about a 60 inch rollable TV?  LG already has an 18-inch rollable display and is promising a 60 inch in the future.  Check it out!



Cortana to Windows

Cortana is new to Windows Phone as of 8.1.  It is rumored now to be joining Windows in its next version and would be incorporated into the taskbar.  How would like to see Cortana on your computer/tablet?


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