Apps of the Week 7/9/2014

This week I am going to focus on a couple of local Windows Phone apps from South Florida!

Push It in

Addicting puzzle game.  You definitely have to get creative here.  Yu only get five chances before you are forced to wait for more lives, so you better make the best out of each opportunity :) 

“A challenging slider puzzle. Sliding blocks into their proper hole while racing against the clock. Only the brightest will succeed.”

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Square Deal Free/Square Deal Pro


“Think you're getting a Square Deal from your current merchant processor? Use this app to compare average rates against Square, PayPal, Stripe and more. This app allows you to enter simple information about your business and get an instant comparison of the best options to save you money on your credit card processing! This app shows you the best "Square Deal" when you process credit cards. Added more companies to compare against.”


“Merchant Service Salesperson's tool for comparing merchant account rates against PSP/Payfacs like Square, Stripe and PayPal This tool allows a merchant account salesperson to show a merchant when standard merchant account processing rates will save the merchant money over standard PSP/PayFac "bundled" pricing. Note that this app will also show when the PSP/Payfac's pricing is a better deal for the merchant. Added the ability to customize pricing of the merchant account. Added more companies to compare against.”

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