App Studio DVLUP Offer!


Windows App Studio Beta has new features that will help make your apps more engaging, while helping you reach more users. Check out some of the new features:

From a single template, build apps for phones, tablets, and PCs running Windows

Incorporate news and photos from Facebook and Instagram search feeds

Add Microsoft Advertising to help make money with your app without source code modification




With the DVLUP program,* there is an extra incentive. Earn rewards by completing fun challenges related to developing Windows and Windows Phone apps. Follow the steps below to complete the Windows App Studio challenge.


Create a Windows 8.1 version of a Windows App Studio Beta app published to Windows Phone Store.


Publish your new Windows 8.1 app to the Windows Store using Windows Dev Center.


Link your new Windows app to your existing Windows Phone app.


or sign-up for DVLUP.


Submit your app to the "When Double Isn't Trouble" Challenge. Submission must be complete by June 16, 2014 to be eligible for rewards.

You can earn 250 points for completing the challenge, plus 250 additional points for the first app published by June 6, 2014. You can complete this challenge up to three times to earn a total of 1,000 DVLUP points.

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  1. devfish says:

    how about a link to the challenge?

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