Developer of the Week: Sleepy Dragon Studios

This week’s developer of the week is…Sleep Dragon Studios.  This studio has just recently released their first 2 Windows 8 games, and are in the process of porting them over to Windows Phone.  I believe they might even have a few more in the works as well!  All of this is happening only a couple of short months after meeting with this eager game studio.  They expressed their interest in publishing for our platform, and now they already have a couple of games ready.  So, let’s see what they have been working on!

Dragon Siege

The first game is “Dragon Siege” which fits the dragon theme behind Sleepy Dragon Studios. In Dragon Siege, you control Selen who is trying protect his nest from Tate the Drake who is trying to take over!  This game supports keyboard and touch, and is a fast paces shooter!  Check out the sweet graphics in the screenshots below.

Screen shot 1                   Screen shot 3 

Stellar Defender

The second game here is called “Stellar Defender”, and is most easily compared to pong, but there are a lot of unpredictable obstacles that you have to account for that make the game even more addicting 🙂 .  Here’s how they describe the game!

“Fight for your Planet! The Aliens are trying to take over defeat them in an interstellar game of cosmic proportions. Watch out! Friendly planets may not always be on your side, and there is a lot of debris in space which may or may not work to your favor.”

Screen shot 1                   Screen shot 3

Expect more to come from Sleepy Dragon Studios, so stay tuned!!

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