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I wanted to share a quick post on Microsoft’s Project Siena, which is a Windows 8 store app that allows users to create powerful and enterprise level apps without having to write code.  Project Siena allows you to pull in data from Excel sheets, Azure Mobile Services, Rest Services, RSS feeds, and more.  This is great for existing enterprises that have tons of data in excel sheets or already in Azure databases.  They can pull down the information, configure the layout, and then deploy the app only to their employees (if they choose) in a very short time! Again, this is all without having to write code!  That is the power of Project Siena!!

This blog post is more of an FYI, but here are some useful links if you are looking to get started!  I will be following up with a post on how to include Azure Mobile Services into your application so keep an eye out for that!


Tutorials and Samples-

Christine Matheney’s Hands on Tutorial-

Christine Matheney’s Hands on Tutorial (Video version) -

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  1. Sara Rushinek says:

    Hi James,

    I think this is a great app for Business Users.  I would like to incorporate it in my Seminars to the Business Community.  Let me know where I can get additional materials.  Looking forward to work with you and others.

    Sara Rushinek

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