Developer of the Week: CNG Studios

Alright, I’ve definitely missed the last several developers of the week, but I am here to make it up to you.  I am here to introduce everyone to CNG Studios, an incredible group of people that are putting out games for Windows 8 and Windows Phone, and boy have they done an amazing job.  Trust me, these are games you are going to want to check out.

Although they have over 20 games in the Windows 8 store and are looking to port over to Windows Phone, I unfortunately, don't have enough time to cover them all here, so I figured I would take a second to show off my 3 favorite.  What are we waiting?!?!  Let's see some games!

First up, is Popcorn Madness, where you get to control one of the cutest squirrels in the world, moving him left and right trying to catch as much popcorn as he possibly can.  Trust me this squirrel loves popcorn, and as the player, you will too.  The game is fairly simple, just moving left and right to catch the popcorn, but be careful of the kernels.  They will leave you dazed if they hit you!

Screen shot 3

Next up is Little Fish Big Pond.  This game is sort of like the old infinite helicopter game.  Dont know about you guys, but I used to play that game forever!  Anyways, this has a similar basic concept, but with some awesome graphics included!  You get to control the cute little fishey and click to move him up or release to let him fall.  There are bonus coins that you can get, but also obstacles along the way, so be careful!

Screen shot 4

Last but not least, there is Gold Hunt.  Again a very simple game, but pretty addicting.  I mean who doesn't like to collect gold?  And that’s exactly what you do here.  You just have to be careful of the rocks that come down.  If you get a rock instead of gold, then your pan will not be able to catch gold for a couple of seconds!

Screen shot 3

So, there is 3 awesome new games from CNG studios, and trust me if you like those, you can find about 20 more if you search in the store.  The links that I provided are for Windows 8, but the phone versions will be coming out, so keep an eye out! 

Great work CNG!

Bonus- Want to see a review of three other CNG games?  Check out this blog post!

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