Developer of the Week: Robert Hellestrae

Robert Hellestrae is a South Florida developer who has been very passionate and dedicated to Windows Phone and Windows App development.  Not only has Robert attended almost each one of my workshops since I started working, he has also become an organizer with the “South Florida Windows 8 Developers” meetup, a group that I have worked very closely with to get the ball rolling for me down here in South Florida.  Robert is one of the most active and passionate developers in the community, and for that I wanted to highlight him as this week’s developer of the week!

Not only has Robert published several apps for Windows 8, he even preemptively jumped on the Windows 8.1 bandwagon by starting development of 8.1 apps before the OS became officially available to the public.  I thought it was awesome that he told me several weeks ago “Basically, I’m just waiting for 8.1 to be officially released, so that I can submit to the store”.  Talk about being dedicated!

Now for the apps.  Robert has published two Windows 8.1 apps in the last couple of weeks, and I want to highlight them here.  The first, “Best Coffee Shops” leverages two of Microsoft’s API Starter Kits, Yelp and Twitter.  This app provides a guide to top coffee shops in the United States, including a local coffee shop search powered by Yelp as well as a tweet deck that searches for coffee related tweets for all of you coffee enthusiasts.  You can find Best Coffee Shops here…

Screen shot 1

The second app, which was just published within the last week or so, is called Essential Trivia.  It includes the following six categories of trivia questions: People & Places, Arts & Entertainment, History, Science & Nature, Sports & Leisure, Wild Card… 30 questions a piece with the option to buy 30 more for each category at $1.49 each.  Features include, sharing through windows mail and the Share Charm and a leader board for each category of questions.  You can check it out here…

Screen shot 1

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