Developer of the Week: Nathalie Goh-Livorness

So I am going to try and start recognizing one developer a week in my blog,
and with this being my first one, I figured I would acknowledge a fellow MACH
(Microsoft Academy of College Hires…go MACHS!), who I first met a little over
two months ago.  Nathalie is a fellow Technical
 located in Dallas, Texas, and she just published her first app to
the Windows 8 Store!  Her app is called Baby's
First Piano
, and I can say it is pretty cool.  It is, as you would expect, a
virtual piano keyboard app that is geared towards children, but can be
entertaining for any age. Works great on a tablet for killing some dead time

Anyways, I just wanted to show her some support, and I hope you can do the
same.  Go ahead and try it out, and let her know what you think! Baby's
First Piano
.  Check out her blog for how she made it as

Screen shot 1

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  1. Nathalie says:

    wait what i only just saw this because i was searching for my own name on the internet. (on a saturday night, wait what?)

    awww thanks james 🙂

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